Memory Blogs

Posted February 2024 John is a retired railwayman and cinephile who has been a Hampstead resident since 1966. He was a weekly patron of he Everyman until the new chain took over. I first discovered the charm of Hampstead as a teenager on a bike, and resolved to live there as soon as I could […]

The Everyman: a film education A native North Londoner and senior manager at the University of the Arts, Paul has been a passionate cinephile all his life. To this day he never misses the London Film Festival when he averages at least fourteen films a week. His memories of the Everyman in the late 1980s […]

Posted July 2022. Adam Yamey is a retired dentist and an active author whose book, Beneath a Wide Sky: Hampstead and its Environs was published in 2022. It was at the Everyman that I went to the cinema for the first time in my life. My parents, who were not regular cinemagoers, decided that the […]

Posted May 2022 Hassanah Alice (hereafter Alice), was born in 1946, the youngest of the four children of James andTess Fairfax-Jones who had run the Everyman since 1933. Her memories of the cinema in the 1950sand 60s are accompanied by fond recollections of her parents and of growing up in Hampstead. Afteran adventurous life of […]

Posted March 2022. These cinephile friends kept a record of the films they saw at the Everyman In the early 1970s, despite the closures of many local cinemas in London, there was still a wide choice of cinemas showing a variety of programmes. As well as the circuit cinemas (ABC/Odeon/ Classic etc.) there was a […]

Posted March 2022 I arrived at University College School in 1985, and was placed In David Lund’s English class, which took place in his ground floor corner classroom. That space, as many students will recall, was plastered floor to ceiling, with posters of the concerts he had been organising in the school theatre for some […]

Posted March 2022 I met Caroline Iliffe, oldest child of Everyman founders Jim and Tess Fairfax-Jones over coffee in her Camden Town home. Born in 1936 Caroline became an architect, as well as a wife and mother to three daughters. Still active and vibrant, she started an art degree in her seventies and graduated in […]

Posted by Kevin Brownlow January 2022 Eminent film maker and historian Kevin Brownlow has worked in film from the mid 1950s. His memories, from inside the world of film making, evoke the power of the cinematic image and the importance of the Everyman as ‘a course in cinema history’.     The Everyman is probably […]

Posted by Michael Darvell January 2022 I have always been an avid filmgoer, even from a young age. I suppose as a child I was taken to the pictures by my parents, as the cinema was the only form of public entertainment available to most families. In the 1940s and ’50s cinema tickets were cheap, […]

Posted by Adrian Turner, January 2022 Adrian worked at the Everyman from 1971 to 1977, initially as Assistant Manager, and when Fairfax Jones died in in 1973, as Programmer. A full account of his time at the cinema can be found in Guest Blogs. The Everyman’s reputation lay in its programming of mostly foreign language […]