Fairfax-Jones stories: an interview with Caroline Iliffe

Posted March 2022 I met Caroline Iliffe, oldest child of Everyman founders Jim and Tess Fairfax-Jones over coffee in her Camden Town home. Born in 1936 Caroline became an architect, as well as a wife and mother to three daughters. Still active and vibrant, she started an art degree in her seventies and graduated in […]

Adrian Turner: memories of the Fairfax-Jones Family

Posted by Adrian Turner, December 2021 Adrian worked at the Everyman from 1971 to 1977, initially as Assistant Manager and, after the death of James Fairfax-Jones in 1973, as Programmer. A full account of his time at the Everyman can be found in Guest Blogs.  In 1969 I saw an advertisement – ‘London repertory cinema […]